Our Team

Results Matter

Our clients keep coming back, the greatest compliment we could have. It allows us to meet their ever-changing needs and continue to enjoy and build a respectful working relationship

Lauren Graphics is distinguished as a firm that brings the creativity needed to create something fresh and the design expertise to deliver flawlessly.

Our team includes master designers who blend skills in art, illustration and technology to deliver work that makes a measurable difference for our clients.

We are inspired daily by the energy, passion and drive our clients bring to their work. We match that by bringing that same level of energy, passion and drive to our work for them.

The result is creativity and design that works.

“Great team of experts.”

Clients rely on our core staff and team of specialty partners to continue to deliver spot-on design and true customer service.

  • Lauren Klopfenstein

    Lauren Klopfenstein

    After twelve years in the printing industry, I struck out on my own and founded Lauren Graphics, Inc. in 1989. I have seen graphic design change in so many ways through the years. Web design has brought a whole new dimension of design that is ever changing. It’s still graphic design and I love it because it allows me and my team to be creative in making our customers look good. We particularly enjoy working on projects that tie the print and web worlds together, leveraging the strengths of both. I love the relationships that we’ve developed over the years, and am grateful for the faith and trust that our clients have in us.

    Sometimes it’s the simple things that get creative juices flowing, such as petting a dog or throwing a ball. This is where MJ makes her contribution, coming to the office with me every day and always alert for opportunities to help.

  • Mary Jane “MJ”

    Mary Jane “MJ”

    MJ joined the Lauren Graphics team in 2005, and hasn’t called in sick once. She brought very little experience but a terrific attitude – it seems that no challenge is too great for her. Over time she’s grown into responsibilities that include diffusing frustration, realigning perspective, reminding us what’s important in life, and chasing balls. She’s not a fan of thunder, and especially enjoys activities involving string cheese.

  • Kelli Escalante

    Kelli Escalante

    Kelli is originally from California where she received her BA in Fine Arts. After a twist of fate brought her to Colorado she returned to school and realized her true passion, Graphic Design. She has been in the design field since 2009 and been a graphic designer at Lauren Graphics since 2012.

    She still enjoys painting and drawing when time allows. In her spare time she enjoys experimenting with new baking recipes and hiking the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

  • Cathy Wagner

    Cathy Wagner

    Cathy began her career in Michigan as a technical illustrator for the auto industry. In 2011, she and her son moved to Colorado to join her daughter. Cathy taught drawing skills for two years before deciding to return to college and pursue a degree in graphic design. She chose graphic design because of her love of typography, color and design.

    In her personal life, Cathy stays active with golf, skiing and kayaking. She also enjoys comedy shows, live music and museums.

  • Matt McKendree

    Matt McKendree

    Matt came to Denver more than a decade ago to further his education. Armed with degrees in photography and graphic design, he started working at Lauren Graphics in 2004. Since then he has added web design and development to his skill set. He enjoys the versatility and ever-evolving nature the digital world offers. Matt loves the diversity of work at LG and the many business and personal relationships he has developed over the years.

    In his “spare time” Matt enjoys shooting photos, playing golf and chasing around his dog Mogley.