Congratulations! You found MJ’s purple ball!

To complete your entry for an amazing giftcard:

1.Take a screenshot of where you found MJs ball. Don’t know how? Let us Google that for you:

Click here for mac
How to create a screenshot on a mac

Click here for pc
How to create a screenshot on a pc

2. Now, go to the Lauren Graphics Facebook page and like us!
You’re doing great… almost there!

3. Click the MESSAGE button on the right side of our Facebook page and send us your screenshot with your name and your preferred method for receiving your gift, either email address (for an e-gift card) or mailing address (for real gift card).

4. Hit SEND and you’re on your way to an amazing gift card. PLUS, you now can follow all of our interesting and informative posts on Facebook. We call that a WIN-WIN!

We’d love to discuss how we can help you this year.  Return to our site or give us a call–303.705.9900!